Kiwi startup Tomizone ups free hotspot access

You can now light up your own public hotspot, thanks to a recent deal

New Zealand start-up Tomizone has inked a contract with global networking vendor D-Link to integrate its free wi-fi hotspot solution into selected wireless routers.

Headquartered in Auckland, Tomizone began in 2006 and gives away its free wi-fi hotspot software, allowing anyone to set up a secure hotspot from a broadband connection and begin charging people for access.

Each access point is then connected to the global Tomizone service platform which collects revenue, governs usage, and enables fund distribution to the people that own a Tomizone hotspot.

The wi-fi hotspot solution is available for free in D-Link’s DI-524UP and DIR-300 wireless routers and can be set up anywhere globally where there is a fast internet connection.

Tomizone’s CEO, Steve Simms, says the D-Link deal puts Tomizone in the hands of a global community “crying out for hotspots”.

“It means customers will notice a new feature in some of the D-Link routers which [will] allow them to secure their broadband connection and share it to make money,” Simms says.

Tomizone sees the potential to share connections and let users build a wi-fi hotspot network by allowing anyone to share their broadband internet connection and make money from it. The software also prevents “leeching”, or bandwidth theft, from unauthorised connections.

The Tomizone blog says the company has been working on deals and enhancing its core platform, the Tomizone Global Service Platform, over the last six months to make it smarter and easier to use.

“Our system is now easier to use, which means more secure login and support for important things like multi-currency, PayPal and voucher support for people who want to simply sell one shot vouchers. It’s also the foundation for other enhancements such as multi-language support along with a clever friends list,” the blog explains.

Australia and New Zealand customers will be the first in the world to be able to buy the D-Link routers with Tomizone software loaded as of mid-May. Consumers are charged up to US$3 (NZ$4) per day for access to a Tomizone hotspot.

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