Altogether friends

The community of bogus MySpace pages for New Zealand "celebrities" and politicians is ever-growing

Altogether friends

The community of bogus MySpace pages for New Zealand “celebrities” and politicians is ever-growing. A quick scan by an underemployed E-taler found among the friends list of one Helen Clark (Female, 57-year-old) and one Paul Holmes working for Prime to pay off the planes he crashed. Paul has a few friends too, like Nandor and Winston, whose blurb reads:

“What do you mean you want to know stuff about me, WINSTON PETERS, Everybody knows about me, WINSTON PETERS. I’m in charge of NZ First and I’m representing all of New Zealand. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I also enjoy roller skating and long walks on the beach.”

Winston’s friend John Key wants to bring down the evil Clark government. His interests are listed as making money, helping old women across the road and kissing babies.

But the consensus among us E-talers is the humour level is not high. Much, much better we think is the Secret Diary of Steve Jobs at


Oh dear, intellectual property issues can be so complicated even the supposed experts don’t get it. Anti-piracy group the International Chamber of Commerce’s “Business Action to Stop Counterfeiting And Piracy” initiative has been accused of pirating someone else’s documents.

The Boingboing website reports anti-piracy tracking group Gieschen Consultancy is accusing the ICC and BASCAP of passing off its work as their own production after gaining access to the information, Gieschen says, by misrepresenting itself as a partner. Gieschen sent a cease-and-desist letter and the ICC, in response, threatened to sue. Link.

Glide time

Well, haven’t there been some data breaches lately. Stolen and missing laptops, security breaches and hacks, personal information posted on the interweb. It goes on and on. In fact it was in danger of getting a bit predictable until one US company allowed outsiders access to 250,000 customer records. That in itself is a tiny amount compared to some other recent breaches, but it’s more the nature of the data that attracted this E-taler’s attention.

The company is Astroglide and it makes, err, personal lubricant. The data exposed was the names of customers, addresses and the particular type of lube they favoured. That’s slick. Link.


You can run, but you can’t hide, dear E-talers. Not any more. The surveillance society has gone global.

Two thieves, you see, have been arrested after closed-circuit TV footage of them stealing a laptop from a computer store in Austria was posted on video-sharing site YouTube.

The computer store owner, reports, installed video surveillance after a spate of thefts at his Grieskirchen store. After the video was posted, people recognised the pair of thieves and told the store owner who they were.

Austria seems to be experiencing a bit of a crimewave. Ananova also reports a man there has been jailed for robbing a bank to buy fake breasts: he wanted to pay for a breast operation for his transvestite lover.

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