FileMaker launches geeks and pros Technical Network

FileMaker network aims to engage with a wider developer community

FileMaker has launched a new programme aimed at enthusiasts and developers of its software. The FileMaker Technical Network is different than the traditional FileMaker developer programmes because it targets more general participants, according to the company.

“The old programme didn’t attract as many people as it should have,” Keith Robinson, vice president of sales for the Americas and Asia Pacific at FileMaker, says. “A lot of people don’t think of themselves as professional developers, but they use it ... in a professional way.”

The Technical Network provides users with a members-only online library, offering in-depth information on a variety of development topics such as web integration, linking to external data sources and increasing database performance. FileMaker Tech Talk provides a live 24/7 online discussion forum dedicated to helping FileMaker Pro users network together to share tips and expertise in developing FileMaker database solutions; and FileMaker Server Advanced Development Licence delivers a cost-effective way to build and test FileMaker Pro-based solutions over the web.

The programme also offers five free FileMaker Applications — Recruiter, Tasks, Meetings, Donations and Work Requests — designed to manage specific key business tasks.

Users will also get access to pre-release FileMaker software and FileMaker Pro Design Packs that include ready-to-use graphics and pre-designed data templates to help members create better looking solutions faster.

“We are trying to make sure that all of the best information is available [and] is in one place for our users,” says Robinson. “We want the brightest developers mingling with new users to help each other.”

The company also announced the FileMaker Business Alliance for organisations whose primary line of business is developing and selling FileMaker products or services. The FileMaker Business Alliance provides marketing and sales support directly from FileMaker.

The FileMaker Technical Network costs US$99 (NZ$134) per year.

“In terms of the power of the product — it is night and day from five years ago,” says Robinson. “The one thing we never trade off is ease of use — that’s where the Technical Network comes in.”

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