Penguins in nude girlspace

"That's about as close to seeing a naked woman that most Linux users get...'

Sultry Indian dreams… maybe not

There have been more enticing prizes to be sure. But still, the imagination of one E-taler was piqued by TUANZ’s offer of a night in a call centre. Given that most of these are now located in India, he had visions of a visit to India’s software city, Bangalore, perhaps, which is also (according to wikitravel) a “hip and happening city”.

But, alas, TUANZ was not throwing its money around, after all. One Night @ the Call Centre is a novel by Chetan Bhagat about life in an Indian call centre — incidentally, our very own ISP Slingshot now numbers among those Kiwi companies enticed to India. Anyway, you’ll be relieved to hear that TUANZ is not wasting money — the book is valued at a modest $26.99. If you’re interested, all you have to do is put your name in the draw — go to TUANZ’s “Mouthpiece” blog section.

The book could be worth a look — the call centre lads and lasses get a call from God, and Bollywood has bought the movie rights.

Penguins in nude girlspace

As a female, the E-tales editor wasn’t quite sure what to say about this picture. The Big Boss in the chair across the room (the editor) told her this was this week’s E-tales picture. “Is she a Page Three girl?” the E-tales editor asked. And, “What was Novell thinking?” Hot girls, she guessed. Not all the boys were impressed, however.

The chap behind the Secret Diary of Steve Jobs blogsite lambasted Novell for its puerile guerrilla marketing effort, saying it’s not cool to use hot girls to flog merchandise — and it hasn’t worked anyway. Still, the picture did generate a few pithy comments, such as: “That’s about as close to seeing a naked woman that most Linux users get…” And, “Now that’s an intuitive user interface.” Let’s just hope the spunky lass didn’t get too cold standing about like that.

Make my day, please

An advertising campaign in Sweden has invented the IT Manager’s Day — on May 30. The campaign encourages people to send a thank you/well done/what-would-we-do-without-you-type electronic card to the man, or woman, who shivers in the cold server room, and breaks out in a sweat from the pressure in the board room — all for you!

The lucky Swedish IT managers will even get a special gift (it doesn’t say what) when someone sends them a greeting from the IT Manager’s Day website.

Fear and loathing in the blogosphere

There’s a lot of it about at the moment, so E-tales was quite relieved to find that “the world’s most hated blogger” isn’t a persecuted woman, but a flakey real estate man. Well, he looks like a schoolboy, but he is, in fact, a 24-year-old Russian who now lives in the US and whom CNET has dubbed the baddest blogger out there.

Basically, our man, Casey Serin, bought eight homes — in the hopes of making a quick buck — but then got foreclosed on when the US housing market went into free-fall. So far, so dodgy real-estate normal, but then he had the gall to whinge about it all on his “” blog. (Incidentally, to save you the trouble, the site is currently inaccessible.)

Not surprisingly, a hate community formed quick-smart and Casey-bashing has become the blogging sport of the moment, with online viewing of Casey’s troubles becoming a kind of online Big Brother experience, or irritainment. Of course, a cynic might argue Casey was just pursuing the American capitalist dream a bit too enthusiastically. He still is, apparently — the site has generated quite a bit of Google ad money.

Check out the ongoing saga on the CNET and housing panic news and blog sites, respectively.

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