Yahoo opens access to advertising system APIs

Yahoo is making available application programming interfaces for its new Panama search advertising platform

Yahoo is making APIs (application programming interfaces) available for external developers so they can build tools and applications for its new Panama search advertising platform.

The APIs, available under the Yahoo Search Marketing Commercial API Program, are available to anyone but designed primarily for Yahoo search advertisers, ad agencies, search marketing consultants and commercial application developers, Yahoo says.

Yahoo wants these companies to develop complementary tools and applications that will enhance their use and their clients’ use of Panama for tasks such as designing, deploying, tracking, managing and refining search marketing campaigns.

Yahoo has high hopes that Panama will help boost revenue from search engine advertising, a market dominated by rival Google.

Yahoo maintains that Panama significantly improves its ability to match ads to search queries, and is convinced that this improved targeting will increase the number of times users click on its search engine pay-per-click ads.

While ad-serving enhancements are certainly important for Yahoo to improve its position against Google, Panama doesn’t directly address the other big component of search wars: user popularity.

Google still draws significantly more users to its search engines than Yahoo does, so Google’s ads are seen by more people and as such are more likely to get clicked on.

For example, in April, US users ran almost half of all queries through Google’s search engines, while Yahoo processed just under 27%, according to comScore Networks.

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