Slightly rude idea #12

Is the world ready for the humping dog memory-stick, we ask ourselves?

Seeby: world famous (in NZ)

It had to happen; mere days after selling his ISP, for $24-and-a-bit-million, Orcon founder Seeby Woodhouse has generated what we presume is a spoof MySpace page. sports a trés chic pic of Seeby in James Bond mode — and what a big gun he has.

The page’s profile is set to “private”, but what we do know is that Seeby (male, 30) is a “retired old fart, seeking out and available for the best parties in the world, anywhere, anytime.”

Such is the price of fame. But, hold on... it is a spoof, site, right Seeby?

Really bad idea #73

Let’s talk about the guy who got the Zune tattoo, shall we? He’s really proud of it and even had to go way out of his way, to get it, as the lucky man himself, “MSzunefan”, explains on Zunescene:

“Yeah, I kept running into scheduling problems with the original tattoo artist, so I found a new one and he was able to squeeze me in. I think he did an awesome job, the yellow-orange colour was the hardest part; it kept looking like Mac-and-cheese orange no matter how much yellow he added, but, finally, I think he nailed it.”

We at E-tales central hear the technology for tattoo removal has really come on.

Really pointless idea #56

The Japanese have a penchant for developing pointless, but usually quite funny and compelling, stuff. We often buy it simply because it is sooo very Japanese.

Could the iPenguin be the latest such fun fad? Sega Toys has developed the device — a penguin-shaped robot that features seven LEDs and a speaker. What does it do? It dances, just like those cute penguins in Happy Feet. So, who’s first-up for an iPenguin tattoo?

Just so you know, the iPenguin is actually just one of a string of similar Sega innovations. Remember the iFish from 2006? It swam to you favourite beat. It was the successor to the famous iDog of 2004. We don’t know what the iDog did, but for a suggestion read on…

Slightly rude idea #12

We don’t know who makes this one. We suspect it might be Sega, but the company’s not putting its hand up. Is the world ready for the humping dog memory-stick, we ask ourselves?

Hell, forget about the world, we here at E-tales definitely want one. reports that every now and then we “come across a product that is classy, understated and with a hint of sophistication… this is not that product.

“The USB humping dog comes straight from Japan, the world leader in completely pointless but ‘must-have’ gadgets. To activate your dog, you simply tear off his packaging… slip his USB shaft into your computer’s USB port and away he goes like he’s found a bitch in heat…

“Don’t expect much more from this dog, he’s not a flash drive and he doesn’t light up. However, he will provide you with hours of fun in the office or even on the commute to work.” Hours of fun? Minutes, surely.

Slimming service

Service is an increasing focus of ICT these days. For example, we have service-oriented architectures (SOAs), which help cater to the needs of users, with the aid of service-level agreements (SLAs).

To support an SLA, it seems logical that a “service-level management” is needed and that this should also be given a three-letter abbreviation, too. Given this, it must have seemed funny to someone to promote said management technique under the slogan: “Get SLM for summer”.

We’re obviously talking about the northern hemisphere summer here.

But perhaps it wasn’t such a good idea to launch an email sporting the same heading onto a network infested with spam for dubious weight-loss products.

We can’t help wondering how many of said messages got through your average company’s spam filters.

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