Auldhouse lands IPv6, Oracle Sun training

Trainer is first to gain approval by IPv6 taskforce

Auldhouse has become the first training organisation to be approved by the IPv6 Task Force to provide training in the new internet protocol – but it does not have an exclusive training status, says Task Force head Murray Milner.

“We have been seeking sources for training within the New Zealand market during much of last year,” Milner says “and so we are delighted that Auldhouse has stepped up to the mark.

“As with all of the Task Force’s activity, we welcome all players across the industry to provide IPv6 capable services on a competitive basis. We will support anyone wishing to offer such services without any form of preference, except that the first to offer services in a particular field will achieve a market advantage,” he says.

Before Auldhouse was contracted it already ran a five-day IPv6 course, based on Cisco equipment and aimed at network engineers, says general manager Melanie Hobcraft. In response to the expressed need from the Task Force, Auldhouse put together a half-day non-technical course aimed at managers and a three-day “transitioning to IPv6” course, technical, but at a less detailed level than the five-day course.

“Our goal is to have any services related to the development and implementation of IPv6 capability to be offered on a competitive basis and the Task Force strongly supports all players in this market,” says Milner.

Auldhouse has also secured a spot as Oracle’s training provider for Sun systems, beginning in April this year. Oracle has severed its previous relationship with Eagle Technology. “We didn’t take the business away,” says Oracle University director Ben Baljic. “Eagle felt they had run their course.”

If Eagle had expressed a willingness to continue, “we might or might not” have terminated the arrangement, Baljic says.

The contract with Auldhouse will run for 12 months and will cover more than 200 classroom-based courses in New Zealand.

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