Stick characters in cubes strangely addictive

The very cool thing about these cubes is that the stick figures interact with each other

At Toybox Headquarters this week, we play with cube world Digital Stick people from Radica. Four little cubes with a stick person inside each landed on my desk and I just couldn’t resist wasting a little office productivity time playing with them.

The cubes have built-in gyroscopes, so shaking and dropping them makes the little man inside tumble around helplessly — mmmwwohahaha. But the very cool thing about these cubes is that the stick figures interact with each other.

The characters in our review cubes are Slim, who interacts with a stick; Dodger, who plays with a ball; Scoop, who has a dog, and Whip, who does rope tricks. More characters are available, for example office worker Toner; Dash, who works in the mail room; Hans, who is a bodybuilder; and Dusty, who has a spray can.

To start the action, press the middle button on each cube. The cubes connect via magnets located on the sides of the cube. The cubes can be connected in any horizontal or vertical pattern. The little people living inside them then start doing things like scratching their heads and butts, stretching, doing backflips and martial arts moves, and waving to each other. Soon they will start visiting each other — and now anything can happen.

Sometimes they get along and hug or start dancing, sometimes they fight. It happens that two people decide to beat up a third, and when they all get into the same cube there is usually a big fight. It’s fascinating.

You can also play games with the individual cubes. Once the cube is activated, pushing the middle button will start game mode, and once in game mode, pushing this button a second time will start the game. When the game is on you control the movement of the stick character with this same button. The games are pretty simple, but definitely of the “Oh, I’ll just have one more go to beat the high score” variety.

There is also a sound button on the cube, and the third button under the display will reveal the game’s high-score when pressed. The cubes run on CR2032 batteries.

The Cube World cubes are available from various US websites, for example They cost US$29.99 (NZ$40) each.

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