Podcast: Banking code, BlackBerry security and some guests

Computerworld NZ's first podcast discusses the new Banking Code of Practice and features interviews with Sergei Gulyaev (AUT) and David Sykes (Symantec)

Have a listen to Computerworld New Zealand's first podcast. You don't need an iPod to do it, just download the audio and double click and if you like, subscribe for future broadcasts.

In this edition we talk about the week's lead story, the new Banking Code of Practice and how it impacts internet banking. We also cover a local angle on BlackBerry security concerns. Featured this time, we have an interview with Sergei Gulyaev, AUT's astrophysics man, about the Square Kilometre Array project (the world's largest radio-telescope and associated supercomputing and real-time processing) and to Symantec's David Sykes about the new threat landscape.

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