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Flight of the Conchords career path

If you want to know the answer to something, just ask. Right? Maybe.

Is the Anonymous_NZ twitter account that is following Computerworld really Anonymous or is it just an anonymous faker?

The Department of Internal Affairs website went down yesterday and there was speculation it may be due to a denial-of-service attack from the hacker group Anonymous. The DIA was quick to point out that there is no evidence to suggest this is the case, but it has launched an investigation.

The reason for pointing the finger at the phantom group is that it posted a YouTube video claiming it will enact a series of coordinated denial of service attacks on the Department of Internal Affairs website until the DIA changes its policy on the internet filter.

An Anonymous_NZ account was established on March 24. It is following Computerworld. But then isn't everyone? (joke)

Internal Affairs website down; no evidence of DoS attack so far

Internal Affairs website back online

Is the best career move for the actors in Flight of the Conchords to then star in adverts for the mobile industry?

Why is everything about Crown Fibre Holdings such a secret?

Freelance journalist, former Fry Uper and general tech man about town Juha Saarinen was leaked details of Crown Fibre Holdings' pricing book this week. They reveal that plans on the so-called Ultra Fast fibre network will begin at a paltry 30Mbps down and 10Mbps up.

Saarinen has received a reply from CFH as to why it's keeping its prices hush-hush. From a spokesman who doesn’t want named, who works for a government agency board that – as the below screenshot on the CFH website demonstrates – don’t want to be photographed.

UFB build different for us, says Crown Fibre

Musical interlude

Why is Fry Up not queuing for the iPad 2 right now?

Apple alleviated local concerns this week when it issued a press release on Wednesday saying that despite stocks running low, the planned iPad 2 launch will go ahead today.

Everyone at the Fry Up offices breathed a collective sigh of relief. Then we saw the prices. Then we realised they wouldn’t be on sale until 5pm. Then we just got over it.

iPad 2 arrives in New Zealand on Friday

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