Toybox: Wireless music player connects to your PCs and the net

Stylish-looking device streams music from the internet

Logitech's wireless music player Squeezebox has found its way to Toybox headquarters. The first thing I noticed when happily carrying it home on Friday afternoon was how light it was. After some extensive testing in my home test lab, I must say I don’t have many complaints.

Setting up the Squeezebox took about two minutes and the device itself has a reasonably stylish look. It is about the size of a slim pocket book or a VCR tape. It has got a little stand and sits upright, displaying track information, time, date and other information from your bookshelf, table, the top of your TV, or where ever you decide to place it.

Using the open source software SlimServer, the wireless device hooks up to your computer or the internet across a 802.11g wireless network or Ethernet connection. Slim Devices, the consumer electronics company that developed the product, worked with the worldwide open source community to build the SlimServer software. Logitech bought Slim Devices for US$20 million in 2006.

Anyway. Back to the review. Does anyone remember listening to the radio — I mean actually listening to the radio at home, not in the car? OK, I might be exaggerating and I might also be a little bit behind, but I have just discovered internet radio. An abundance of new music is now streaming into our lounge through the Squeezebox, connected to our portable iPod speakers, iM7. It’s easy to flick through the stations using the pretty average-looking, but functional, remote.

The wireless music player plays MP3, AAC, WMA, Ogg, FLAC, Apple Lossless, WMA Lossless and WAV music files, according to Logitech. It also supports online music services such as the MP3tunes music locker, where users can store their music collection and access it from a Squeezebox they own.

The device is compatible with PC, Mac and Linux.

The Squeezebox is priced at $599 including GST, and that could sound a bit heavy for some people, but if you are a music freak, it has a lot of benefits.

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