Hayden Glass to leave Vodafone

Departing head of public policy had colourful description of the mobile termination rates regulatory process

Vodafone head of public policy Hayden Glass has resigned to travel to Europe and will leave Vodafone on June 9.

Glass has held the role for a year and took over as the Vodafone representative on the board of the Telecommunications Carriers Forum when it’s previous representative, David Stone, became the TCF CEO. It is understood Vodafone GM corporate affairs Tom Chignell will replace Glass as Vodafone’s representative on the TCF. Glass has worked at Vodafone for more than six years; prior to becoming head of public policy he held marketing and other public policy-related roles. He has no confirmed employment, but says he will look for a role in public policy or corporate affairs in Europe. As head of public policy Glass took a leading role in advocating Vodafone’s position on Mobile Termination Access Service. At the recent Commerce Commission conference he described the discussions internally on mobile termination rates as “kind of circumcising a flea.” “We were getting into incredible levels of detail about whether we had exactly the right cost modelling results for Sweden, and whether we had exactly the right 10-year period for exchange rates and all that kind of stuff,” he told the conference. In his closing summary Telecommunications Commissioner Ross Patterson said: "I think in this proceeding, probably 'circumcising the flea' will go down in history as the bon mot." The Commerce Commission has now said it expects to release the final standard terms determination by 28 April 2011 - the original date was 1 April. A spokesperson says the final date was extended to allow all parties to make cross submissions. But Glass says he doesn’t think this will be the end to the issue of how mobile termination rates should be regulated.

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