Fry Up: Seven signs of aging in IT

April fools

Seven signs of aging in IT

1. Headlines like “Over 50s harder to place: recruiter” make you nervous.

2. You remember when lawyers ignored the IT department, writing their complex legalese on things like legal pads rather than espousing about software patents.

3. The entire social media thing has passed you by and you think people who are dumb enough to post personal stuff about themselves online deserve what they get.

4. You rock up to a telco regulation conference and some of the hot shot telco lawyer types look young enough to ask your teenage daughter to the school ball.

5. You think ‘Summer of Code’ is a hipper name than ‘Summer of Tech’.

6. You remember when computers filled entire rooms and you would never have thought of taking one through a car wash.

7. Bill McCracken is your hero - he was made CEO of CA Technologies at the age of 67.

April fools

April 1 is here but those of us waiting for closure (OK, so maybe that's 10 of us) on Mobile Termination Rates and the Rural Broadband Initiative will not be getting it today.

The Commerce Commission was supposed to release its final determination on Mobile Termination Rates today, but it didn’t because the industry wanted more time to present cross submissions (people, it has been seven years, enough already!)

Hayden Glass to leave Vodafone

And the Ministry of Economic Development was supposed to have finalised its contract with Telecom and Vodafone (or Telefone as its becoming known) by today. It hasn’t because consultation is required around Telecom's request for a fifth variation on its operational separation undertakings.

Telecom's request for fifth variation delays RBI

So much public consultation, but is the joke on us?

Digital ID

Eugene Kaspersky, founder of the anti-malware company Kaspersky told Computerwold this week that soon we will all require digital IDs.

“The new generation are comfortable with interacting online. They don’t buy paper books, CDs or DVDs. This generation want to have everything online and will never go to [polling stations]. They will want to vote online. If there is no online government, the new generation will never vote.”

“If we don’t have digital passports, within 20 to 40 years there will be no democracy.”

Our own government – that is MSD, IRD and DIA - are planning a website that will enable the public, using the iGovt login authentication service, to go online and access their tax details or their income support account.

The day is fast approaching when you won’t have to leave the house – or the car wash – to carry out any transaction.

Website for real-time income support/tax info

Cut-price Stuxnet successors possible - Kaspersky

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