CEO leaves Computer Society 'disappointed' at ICTNZ deferral

Paul Matthews named interim CEO

Doug White, CEO of the NZ Computer Society, has left after more than two years in the position. He took the job on in April 2005 and formally left at the end of September.

White acknowledges that the decision by the Society's ruling Council, in April this year, not to commit to membership of the new overarching industry group ICTNZ without further examination of alternatives, was "a bit of a turning point".

"I don’t want to denigrate the efforts of Council and others and they have done a good job since then in exploring alternatives.” he says. “But I saw it as one of my tasks to take us into ICTNZ and I’m disappointed it didn’t happen.”

After a short break he will explore other opportunities in the industry, through the many contacts he has established while working for the society, he says.

“There are a few embers glowing, but I don’t really know what’s on the other side of the fence.”

One very positive development White has seen in his period of office is the move towards formal certification of ICT professionals, he says. Here there has been profitable collaboration with the British and Australian Computer Societies and the International Federation of Information Processing (IFIP), whose president, Basie von Solms, is due to visit New Zealand next month.

The BCS has embraced professional qualification and has seen a boost in membership numbers as a result, says White.

“I suspect it will have a similar effect here. I believe ICT will benefit from professional certification forming part of the big picture,” he says.

Paul Matthews, NZCS National Councillor and CEO of Dunedin IT company ProSouth Solutions has been named interim CEO.

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