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Excitement mounts over Apple's new OS, Sweden's biggest company is ... not Ericsson, Ferrit gets a .com sniff and Vodafone adopts Telecom's model. Plus: Cringely on Calveley and Amazon's 1-click patent

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Leopard on the prowl

Such difference, the reaction to Apple's upcoming dot-release of OS X compared to Microsoft's Windows Vista. There's far less scepticism and even though it's not released yet, media is already saying Leopard beats Vista in some areas.

Maybe that's true, but does it matter? Vista RTM disappointed on the whole and no doubt Apple won some customers due to that. Will the entire Windows-using world dump or not buy Vista in favour of Apple Macs running Leopard?

Umm... no. I think they'll start looking sideways at Windows XP SP3 instead, if they want to upgrade.

That said, it'd be fun to have a Leopard Mac. Perhaps one day I'll get to see one.

FAQ: Getting ready for the leap to Leopard

Ericsson earnings smack-down

Did you know that the surname of Ericsson CEO Carl-Henric Svanberg means "Swan Mountain"? That little fact is probably of no interest at all to Ericsson shareholders, currently baying for Svanberg's head on a platter after the Swedish telecomms giant missed earnings and sales forecasts.

Shares dropped nearly thirty per cent after the announcement, with some US$20 billion in market value going up in smoke. Holy macaroni. Ericsson is no longer the biggest company on the Swedish sharemarket, having relinquished the position to clothes maker Hennes & Mauritz. Oh oh oh.

Ericsson will probably bounce back but Svanberg may have to swan off into the sunset for this.

Ericsson Shares Plunge on Lower Outlook

Ferrit's domainitrix?

I was reading about domain "typosquatter" John Zuccarini getting fined by the US Federal Trade Commission, and thought about poor old Telecom Ferrit. Remember how Saatchi forgot to register for Telecom and some lowlife put up a porn site on that domain?

Not saying that Zuccarini had anything to do with it of course. He seems to have made a good amount of money - around a million US buckaroonies a year - and was unique in that he got caught.

Perhaps Telecom should have a quiet word with FTC about

Porn typosquatter fined again by FTC

NZ Creative Circle Blog: Telecom gets into big Porn

(Rather rude blogger, so don't click if that offends you.)

Zoned reaming

Vodafone's new overseas roaming prices are making people unhappy, but that's not what I find curious.

The thing is, when Telecom introduced its Worldmode Global Roaming pricing, in which the world is divided into five zones, Vodafone laughed it off as a silly idea. It was better, said the Voda spokestroll, to instead have the cheapest possible deal in any given country. Zones? We don't need no steenken zones!

So, errm, what happened to that line of thought then, Vodafone?

Rod Drury: Vodafone roaming

Telecom roaming charges


Cartoon from Robert X Cringely Click on this Amazon Amazon's patent on 1-click shopping has been done in by an Orc, or possibly a Goblin. Like many patents granted to high tech-firms for things that seem patently obvious (sorry), Amazon's 1-click monopoly always struck me as excessive. (I have often wondered if the folks at the US Patent and Trademark Office had ever seen a computer, let alone used one.) Apparently Peter Calveley thought so too. A few years ago he decided to look into Amazon's 1-click patent after the service was late in delivering a book he ordered. Lo and behold, the amateur patent attorney found enough prior art to challenge the patent. He scrounged together the USPTO's $2520 filing fee from donations to his blog and filed a challenge in February '06. Last week the USPTO ruled in the Caveley's favour, rejecting 21 of Amazon's 26 patent claims as overbroad. Here's the fun part: When he isn't digging into patents for fun, Calveley works as a motion picture capture artist – prancing about on a digital sound stage for films like the Lord of the Rings trilogy, filmed in his native New Zealand. Hence the orc/elf connection. Clearly Amazon could use some help from Gandalf. It's unlikely the USPTO will strip Amazon of its patents, but it may narrow them a bit. And folks like iTunes who paid Amazon licence fees for their own implementations of single-click shopping are probably a little clicked off right about now. Me, I'm looking to patent the process in which I roll down my car window and hold the steering wheel with my knees while simultaneously extending my middle finger to the car beside mine. But I fear there's probably prior art there too.

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