ComCom launches action against Telecom over Separation Undertakings

Commission alleges Telecom discriminated against other telecomms providers by giving its retail business an equivalent service

The Commerce Commission has announced this morning that it will issue proceedings against Telecom regarding the Telecom Separation Undertakings.

In a statement announcing the move, the Commission notes: "The Commission alleges that Telecom failed to provide other telecommunications service providers with unbundled bitstream access (UBA) in conjunction with the sub-loop extension service (SLES), when it provided an equivalent service to its own retail business.

"The UBA/SLES service was intended to allow other telecommunications companies to provide their own voice services from unbundled exchanges in conjunction with a Telecom broadband service from a roadside cabinet.

"The Commission considers Telecom’s failure to provide this service to other telecommunications companies while providing it to its own retail business has caused serious harm to competition in telecommunications markets, deterred efficient investment by other companies in telecommunications infrastructure, and resulted in significant commercial gain to Telecom.

In this morning's statement, Telecommunications Commissioner Dr Ross Patterson is quoted as saying:

“Telecom’s failure to provide this service has reduced the financial feasibility of unbundling local exchanges, reduced the extent of unbundling, and consequently reduced the extent of retail competition."

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