Citrix founder's new startup seeks to alleviate data sprawl

Ed Iacobucci's new venture will address 'big data' problems

Citrix founder Edward Iacobucci is launching a startup called VirtualWorks Group that plans to organise the mountains of data overwhelming modern businesses.

VirtualWorks, which was founded in 2009, has built technology that indexes data from both local devices and cloud-based systems. It already has US$8.5 million in backing from private investors.

The startup's Virtual Index Architecture is software "works by indexing all types of data and virtualising the content amassed by companies, so employees can rapidly and securely retrieve files from any application, location or device -- whether that data is structured or unstructured, stored in the cloud, or hosted locally," the company says.

Iacobucci, who led the team that created IBM's OS/2 operating system, co-founded Citrix in 1989, resigning his position as chairman in 2000. He also served on the SCO Group's board of directors until2007, and founded a now-defunct commercial flight operation called DayJet.

"The exponential growth of data is only matched by its value to the enterprise," Iacobucci says in a press release. "With the rise of the mobile workforce, new digital media channels and a ten-fold growth of data in the last five years, organizations of all sizes are overwhelmed by data sprawl."

To be released this northern summer, VirtualWorks software indexes data across Microsoft SharePoint, Lotus Notes, intranets and many other sources, the company says. It is an "extensible framework that leverages a deep understanding of applications and stored metadata to render an image of all enterprise content across diverse applications, network and cloud architectures, data storage systems and formats," says an FAQ on the company website.

VirtualWorks will eventually publish its APIs to let third-party developers and ISVs create complementary applications. The company will preserve the security of data by integrating with Active Directory and other authentication systems.

VirtualWorks enters a growing field of companies tackling the "big data" problem. EMC is expanding its data analytics capabilities, and IBM recently announced that it will invest $100 million in the field.

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