International IPv6 Day supported by local IT firms

TelstraClear, Gen-i and Dimension Data supply IPv6 content links

New Zealand’s IPv6 Task Force, TelstraClear, Gen-i and Dimension Data NZ are supporting the international IPv6 Day (also known as Test-Drive Day), when major content providers will supply content on IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) links.

This will allow users to practically test the new internet protocols and also serves to raise awareness of the urgency with which internet users and providers should be adopting IPv6 in addition to (and eventually in place of) the current IPv4 protocols.

IPv6 Day will run for 24 hours from 12 noon New Zealand time today. Major participants include Google, Yahoo, Akamai and Facebook.

The Task Force has registered with organiser the Internet Society (ISOC) as a “participating organisation”. The Task Force will also publish on its website the results of a new survey of IPv6 readiness in New Zealand, an update of the survey conducted last year (Computerworld, October 12, 2010).

Task Force member TelstraClear will be making its main websites accessible via IPv6 on World IPv6 Day. It will also be assisting with enabling IPv6 on the Flybuys website.

ICT services firm Gen-i (on behalf of Task Force member Telecom) has launched a target dual-stack test webpage for World IPv6 Day, along with a link to an information page -

Dimension Data New Zealand says with the aid of FX Networks it is supporting more than a dozen government agencies with a IPv6-ready internet gateway service. Two dozen agencies have also subscribed to the IPv6 enabled private WAN service, one.govt.

CEO of Dimension Data NZ, Robin Hartendorp says” IPv6 is a significant transition and it is critical that all organisations ready themselves for this change. We are pleased that the government agencies are leading the way in this IPv6 initiative.”

Robert White, Department of Internal Affairs, adds “We are encouraging agencies to make their publicaly available web sites IPv6 accessible. An IPv6 ready Internet link is a key enabler and one.govt services allow them to do just that.”

IPv6 Task Force Technical Convenor Dean Pemberton says mass adoption of IPv6 is critical to the future of the internet. He describes World IPv6 Day as a watershed moment, one that all New Zealand organisations should be aware of.

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