Donovan departs Fronde

Announcement on blog marks CEO's departure

Jim Donovan has resigned as CEO of software developer and integrator Fronde.

In a post to his En Avant blog yesterday, Donovan wrote he decided to leave while in France in October.

"I resigned the first day back in the office, but we didn’t announce it so I could help with some important changes. Now that those changes are largely underway, and should produce great long term results next year," he writes.

"A CEO who hangs around after he’s told his team he’s decided to leave them can be like a bad smell in the room — everybody feels slightly uncomfortable, but is too polite to say something! I put this to the chairman, along the lines that the team has a plan, they know what to do, and I’m only likely to get in their way. So I’m on 'gardening leave' from here on until the end of my notice, although I’ll still sit on some Fronde subsidiary boards for a while."

Donovan remains a Fronde shareholder and says he'll take a keen interest in the company's future results.

"I’m not leaving because of any doubts about the Fronde team’s talent and potential. It’s just that I have other things I need/want to do. More on that another time," he concludes.

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