Fry Up: Twitfest mash up

Ministerial sighting

Hash-tag mash up

If there were a few missing persons at your workplace this week, you might have been able to locate them at SkyCity in Auckland. With two conferences - CIO Summit and NetHui - its been a back-to-back talkfest.

Or was it a twitfest?

@brettroberts At #nzcio doing what I do best i.e. talking to people, drinking coffee, and eating chocolate fish

@nzcspaul More people coming into the #NetHui Innovation and Emerging Technology Stream than going out; a good sign!

@thomasbeagle @techliberty Drury says businesses can’t work with anonymous commenting? I don’t think its the anon commenting that has to change #nethui

@Geni_ICT Don’t try blocking Facebook at work – it’s a natural extension of who people are, esp young talent – Andy Lark #nzcio

@judykmck RT @dwenmoth Derek Wenmoth Bill English at #NetHui has left his mark by calling the internet community the #sweatytshirtbrigade

@telstraclear Final day of #NetHui today, what a stimulating meeting of great minds! Catch the live feed thanks to @ZilnTV here:

@publicaddress Cunliffe beaming as @lessig praises his telecommunications reform

@Aubrey_atEMA @nzcspaul: Very low digital literacy at C-level in most organisations #nzcio [agreed]” - likewise, I am in agreement

@donaldsclark @lessig just delivered one of the most important speeches for NZ I’ve every hear #NetHui

@nzkoz Without wanting to be deliberately contrarian, who is delivering the “dissenting” view at #nethui. Or is just the choir getting the sermon?

@jethrocarr WTF SkyCity? You guys are the worst bloody venue hosts ever, loud drilling during middle of sessions? #nethui

@lin_nah #nethui started, after Maori greeting we have a prayer (reminds me of school assembly), wonder if we’ll have other religions acknowledged

@normnz As far as I can tell only one *actual* CIO is tweeting from #nzcio - come on, learn the tech folks. Disappointing leadership

@benkepes There seem to be a preponderance of people take a VERY long time to get their point across at #NetHui

@davemosk Richard Naylor: Think about the inhibitors, and how to get rid of them. Don’t think about problems, think about solutions #nethui

@LGOLNZ letting go – gen Y want BYO devices RT @ cio_nz #nzcio CIOs have to prepare for consumers bringing their tech devices to work – Robin Johansen

@piratepartyNZ Good that @clarecurranmp promises to remove disconnection clause if lab's govt, but underlying problems with copyright not addressed #nethui

@jethrocarr Also, seriously labour? Still no complete policies yet? Election isn't far off! #nethui

@nzJayZee Not watching the #nethui streams because of low speed & fear of going over my cap. Probably says more about NZ internet than the conf.

Joyce ducks questions on Southern Cross, SkyTV-on-fibre IT and marketing are a killer force: Andy Lark Shroff looks to LawCom to tackle “privacy pollution” NetHui

Diary note

Russell Brown from the Public Address blog announced the line-up of the next Great Blend event on August 4 at the Auckland Town Hall. Line-up is Emma Hart, David Haywood, Mixandmash launch, Shayne Carter DJ set, Stanier Black 5, Blair Parkes.

The event will include the launch of Mix and Mash competition (wonder if a Twitter hash-tag mash up qualifies?).

Check out last year’s winners of the Best alternate music video, sponsored by MusicHype were Thomas Gleeson & Emma Johansson for ‘Daylight’. Song provided by Flying Nun records, footage from the Film Archive

Where’s Mr Joyce As part of Fry Up' s occasional series (which may or may not have begun today) on ICT Minister sightings, our friends at Chorus sent us this photo taken at the launch of the Rural Broadband Initiative's at Henderson Valley School in West Auckland. Who knew that West Auckland qualified as rural?

RBI gets underway with three schools connected

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