Toybox: Mouse doubles up as office and gaming tool

You don't have to be a hardcore gamer to enjoy this mouse

For the past week, we here at Toybox have been busy playing games with Microsoft’s hardcore gamer mouse, the Sidewinder.

If you are doing a bit of gaming at nights and weekends — and maybe during your lunch hour and other breaks — it might be worth shelling out $149 for this dedicated device.

The Sidewinder quickly switches between 400, 800 and 2000 DPI by the push of the three buttons on top of the mouse.

This feature comes in handy when switching between, for example, face-to-face combat and long distance fighting.

The super-gaming mouse can also record custom macros, allowing gamers to record a whole process — for example switch weapons, shoot, turn around — and then repeat it using only one button with the dedicated Macro record start/stop button, located on the left side.

A nice feature is that DPI settings and macro recording icons are shown on a little LCD display on the left hand side of the mouse.

But you don’t have to be a hardcore gamer to enjoy this mouse. It is a good value office tool as well.

It’s got a comfortable fit, mainly because it is slightly bigger than your average mouse and therefore supports your ring finger. It slides really well and is responsive. I liked the feel of the aluminium scroll wheel, although I found I had to reach for it, as it is placed a bit too far towards the front of the mouse for my liking.

In the daily grind, the DPI setting buttons can be used to increase the precision of the mouse, and the vertical aluminium “thumb buttons” on the left side — used to do a quick turn in the world of gaming — can be used as back/forward buttons when using an internet browser or when navigating folders.

The Sidewinder has five programmable main buttons that can be customised.

In addition, it has three sets of different mouse feet for glide preference, and a quite heavy cable anchor which makes it easier to move the mouse without being restricted by the cable.

And I love this feature: you can adjust the weight of the mouse to suit your taste. The mouse weight can be adjusted to between 5 and 30 grams in 5 gram increments.

The only issue would be if you are a south-paw.

Other names for left-handed people include molly-dukers, pen-pushers, and portsiders, according to The Lefty Notebook. Sorry, this mouse is not for you and has been solely designed to work for us righties.

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