Cloud code working group 'a firm proposal'

Service providers, interest groups and the privacy commissioner may create a code of conduct for businesses

A multi-sector working group is likely to be formed to consider issues connected with cloud computing and arrive at what some potential participants describe as a “code of conduct” for cloud services, with particular reference to their use by business.

Cloud-service providers will be involved, alongside the New Zealand Computer Society and InternetNZ, with Privacy Commissioner Marie Shroff set to be the focal point for the effort.

“It’s a proposal only at this stage but a firm proposal,” Shroff told Computerworld after chairing a session on privacy at the NetHui organised by InternetNZ in Auckland last week.

Rod Drury, CEO of Xero, says he and fellow cloud providers are planning a “facilitated session” on cloud computing, arising out of the recent report by the Privacy Commissioner’s office on perceptions of cloud computing and its risks (Computerworld, March 28).

“We will get a bunch of people together in a room some time over the next month, get all the issues out on the floor then put out a draft for comment,” he says.

The output from this exercise will feed into the deliberations of the potential working group.

“It makes a lot of sense for the industry to drive this forward,” Drury says.

The Privacy Commissioner’s survey of 50 agencies included a number of large government departments and companies.

It found that more than half the respondents disclose personal information to overseas organisations for those organisations’ own use and about half of the agencies make disclosures on a regular basis.

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