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Copyright doomsday approaching, maybe

On September 1, the Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Act 2011 comes into force, and from that time anyone caught downloading copyrighted content three or more times could face a maximum penalty of $15,000 and disconnection from the internet.

But will they?

Rick Shera, ICT, intellectual property and internet lawyer, writes on his blog this week that the newly minted law appears to be failing at the final hurdle.

“Ministry of Economic Development, for some unknown reason, changed its previously open and transparent approach of publishing all submissions, when it came to the consultation on regulations. We are still waiting for their release six weeks after they were submitted. These are the critical regulations which are going to decide how the regime actually works in practice by setting out (hopefully) the content which rights owners must include in their notices and the payment they must make to an ISP (IPAP as defined in the Act) to ensure that the ISP’s costs of running the regime are covered.”

Fry Up hopes that Shera doesn’t mind us using his content without permission - we hope that a link to his blogsite and full attribution will mean we can stay connected in a post Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Act world.

Later in his blog Shera says he doesn’t blame MED – whom he says are overburdened with the new copyright law, the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade agreement and other stuff. But how many MED people does it take to upload submissions on a website?

Copyright law crashes at last hurdle

All Blacks know how to protect content

So you’ve created some very special content like, I don’t know, rugby video coaching tips.

Decades of telling people how to pack a scrum is valuable knowledge, so you decide to charge for it. You make it streaming video so that users have to log onto your website every time they want to view what they paid for.

That’s the business model of, a venture that includes the top names in the All Blacks – Graham Henry, Wayne Smith, Dan Carter and Richie McCaw. The company is called New Ground Media. It’s an interesting approach to ensuring users can’t distribute the content freely.

There will probably be clever IT types who will attempt to hack it - although the idea of angry All Blacks on their doorstep might dissuade some from trying.

Ex-Trade Me developer teams up with All Black leaders

Seagull stole my camera

Not every theft is committed by a human. Lukas Karasek from Slovakia had his GoPro camera has been stolen by seagull in Cannes, France. The film was uploaded onto YouTube and to date has recieved over 2 million views.

In the clip below he explains what occurred and how he got the camera back.

Can the Captains of Industry please step forward

To publicise the launch of its new business plans on Tuesday, 2degrees arranged separate media interviews shortly before the official launch - a lunch put on for New Zealand's Captains of Industry.

So who are these Captains of Industry?

Here's an outtake from one media interview conducted that morning which Fry Up happened to find on the cutting room floor.

2degrees: Today we take off the wraps on our business brand, our business positioning, our business plans, the unique elements that we’re offering to New Zealand businesses. So we’re delighted to make the announcement today. Soon some of the captains of the industry are coming in to talk to us.

Journalist: Who's coming in?

2degrees: We’ve got some heads of associations mainly, who represent small to medium sized enterprises, some of whom represent bigger enterprises as well.

Journalist : Who?

2degrees: I don’t have the list on me right now.

Journalist: You said captains of industry, I didn’t know we had any.

2degrees: Well you know, heads of manufacturing associations.

Journalist: So EMA, TUANZ?

2degrees: Not sure about EMA, I just mean associations in general, business associations. TUANZ will definitely be here. I can’t remember the names of the associations, got it there, but ...

Journalist: Can you show me the list?

2degrees: I won’t share them with you until they’re here because they might have to cancel or make another commitment. But essentially heads of business associations that represent either dozens or hundreds of business owners under their umbrellas. So, key influencers within the business segment.

2degrees business plans available in six cities only

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