E-tales: Some people shouldn’t breed

What geeks do to their babies

IRD in $11 million giveaway

Yes, you did read that right. Inland Revenue is giving money away — and it’s put up a website to that effect. Mind you, you’re only entitled to it if you or your organisation has unclaimed monies. But the list is impressive — it runs to 12,000 items. It doesn’t include tax refunds, however, but unclaimed cheques, wages, etcetera. For instance, Christchurch Boys Brigade and 6th Girl Guides are on the list.

After six years, unclaimed monies have to be turned over to the IRD, which has over 100,000 such cases. The $11 million is just the published list, and only for the past two years — the IRD actually has $40 million, dating back to 1973.

Check it all out at: www.ird.govt.nz/unclaimed-money/

The big question is what does the IRD do with all that idle dosh: sit on it or invest it — and, if the latter, in high- or low-risk investments?

We have the technology

Some abbreviations were born in short-form and don’t really make a lot of sense when expanded. Wi-fi, for example, was an obvious carry-over from HiFi — itself so familiar that its full form, high-fidelity, is rarely heard any more. But that didn’t stop the Law Commission — in a recent report on the effect of technology on privacy — referring, straight-faced, to “wireless fidelity networks”. E-tales is well aware that the law is famously slow-moving, but really.

…and it’s taking over

And, being fans of good punning headlines, we must commend Consumer magazine of September last year, which our e-taler recently came across. It titled an article on the privacy risks of radio-frequency identification chips The Day of the RFIDs. For some of our younger readers, this is a reference to old-school sci-fi writer John Wyndham’s novel The Day of the Triffids, about an attempted takeover of the earth by walking plants.

Mmmmm, could be a worry that, if applied to RFID.

Naked cat for sale

Remember the goofy story that went round a while ago about people taking photos of objects to sell on Trade Me or Ebay and catching themselves caught naked in the reflection — of a television screen, for example.

Well, here’s a new variation — including your pets in your Trade Me shoot. One of our e-talers spied this cool cat, looking quite nonchalant about its impending naked Trade Me fame.

Our man was checking out retro stuff on Trade Me; but the seller does have the presence of mind to say the cat isn’t included.

Sexy girl beds ‘Macs’ only

We always knew some Mac users could be a bit, well, fanatical. As it turns out, some of them really do take their religion very seriously.

Surfing the web, we came across San Francisco Chronicle blogger and sex columnist Violet Blue, who opines: “I’ve never knowingly slept with a Windows user… that would never, ever happen.”

Possibly in the interests of growing the Mac population naturally — the Catholic Church has tried the same thing — she recently put together How to seduce a Mac Geek: A Macworld Sex Guide. Presumably for those too geeky to get it on without professional help. Although our lass does say: “Macworld is like captivity for sexy geeks”. Sweet. She’s pretty witty though, so her guide is worth a read.

Lounge-room sports healthy hue

You can now stay indoors and be as healthy as if you’d taken to the outdoors for a jog or a game of soccer in the park. But there’s a catch — you have to actually get off the couch, and play one of those Wii-type active computer games and get all hot and sweaty. But the upside, according to a University of Auckland study of active computer games (which uses kids, but they did get fit) — the more strenuous Sony eye-toy games got kids as fit as outdoor activity.

So, you know what to do: come kids’ next birthdays, it’s an eye-toy; come your birthday, it’s a Wii. And after exercise — that cold beer is only as far as the fridge.

* If you need more persuading, the UK Women’s Institute is in the throes of setting up its first Nintendo Wii championship, and, no, it’s not for the hubbies.

Some people shouldn’t breed

While we’re on the subject of kids, one of our e-talers came across this what-geeks-do-to-their-babies website.

It features the “Dungeons & Dragons Baby; the “iPod Parody Baby” and, E-tales’ favourite, “Ninja Baby”… and more.

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