Telco Commissioner launches Next G network study

Study aims to achieve best outcome for consumers and industry, the Commissioner says

The Telecommunications Commissioner, Dr Ross Patterson, is planning a study to identify commercial, technical and competition issues associated with migration to the next generation networks.

Patterson says in a statement released today that the new networks "bring together the currently separate worlds of telecommunications, broadcasting and multi-media".

"They enable many different types of services to be delivered on a single platform or device," he says.

"For consumers, this can be seen in new mobile phones with cameras and music players built in and hand-held and fixed internet devices with audio and video, with connections to a potentially endless array of services."

Next Generation Networks (NGN) is a broad term to describe changes to telecommunication core and access networks to provide modern voice, data and media services.

"By using our sector monitoring powers, the Commission is seeking to work in partnership with industry to achieve the best outcome for consumers and industry, whether by commercial, technical or regulatory means," Patterson says.

In that cause, he has sent an invitation to industry to comment on the proposed terms of reference of the study. Draft terms of reference can be found on the Commerce Commission's website

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