Tuanz Innovation Awards showcase IT and telecomms talent

Innovative organisations and projects take out awards at ceremony

The Telecommunications Industry of the Canterbury region won the Tuanz Chairman's Award for its services to the community following the September 2010 and February 2011 earthquakes at the Tuanz Innovation Awards, held at the Langham Hotel in Auckland last night.

The 20th annual TUANZ Innovation Awardsm held in association with Voco, also included the inaugural ilovemytelco publicly Voted Awards.

The Awards were hosted by Jools & Lynda Topp, The Topp Twins.

The full list of winners is as follows:

The Best of the Best Award

TUANZ Telecommunications Innovation Award sponsored by VectorFibre

Winner: Ag-Hub

Judges' Comments:

New Zealand developed software package delivered via theCloud which allows farmers to be more productive. The rural broadband initiative will improve access widening the benefits to the primary sector. We hope to see more of this product in the future.

Judged Awards

TUANZ Initiative of the Year Award sponsored by Voco

Winner: Powershop

Judges' Comments: Entries covered a wide spectrum of telecommunication services: Digital Bridges in the Parcel market! Airline seats via reverse auctions. 2degrees ‘carry-over’ minutes have proved a game shifter and enterprise Technology taking business computing into “theCloud” And the winner is Powershop – which changes the way customers engage with their utility providers and has the potential to offer true customer choice. Finalists were:


Pass the Parcel - Freightways

grabaseat – Air New Zealand


theCloud Limited

TUANZ Mobile Application of the Year Award

Winner: vWorkApp

Judges' Comments:

A strong business case for real time work scheduling, allowing greater efficiency in field staff usage through access to smart phones by the field operatives. vWorkApp has been exported to Australia and the United States. A wider range of the community can now take part in the Technology. Recovery of unbilled time is important for both small and large organisations.

Finalists were:





TUANZ Education Award sponsored by FX Networks

Winner: University of Waikato and the Ministry of Science & Innovation

For: The Science Learning Hub

Judges' Comments:

Mathletics is having a huge impact in engagement in Maths and it’s helping to produce the “Bright Sparks” of the future. Te Kete Ipurangi (TKI) although only recently launched, will make a substantial improvement to learning resources for schools and their teachers. We hope to see them back.

Tonight’s winner is the Science Learning Hub.

This entry showcases New Zealand to the world, increases level of science awareness, is a driver for high quality content delivery over the RBI and UFB. It is a shining example of collaboration in the highly competitive educational environment.

Finalists were:

3P Learning Ltd

Ministry of Education in association with CWA


The Science Learning Hub, University of Waikato and the Ministry of Science & Innovation

TUANZ Rural Award

Winner: Ag-Hub

Judges' Comments:

The Judges are very happy that the government’s digital strategy is being well met in the rural sector. Terralink’s New Zealand Address Register – an in-house development that has the power to save lives and Gen-i CrossCountry will give significant downstream benefits.

The winner though is Ag-Hub.

Ag-Hub brings farming into the Clouds. A proven NZ product, with customers pressuring suppliers for better deals, it’s cash positive and will have significant enhancement when the E.T.S applies to farming. Scope to go international, showing New Zealand continuing to take the lead in the farming sector.

Finalists were:


Terralink International Ltd


TUANZ Local & Central Government Services Award

Winner: Datacom New Zealand

For: NZPolice SNAP Project

Judges' Comments:

Summary of Finalists: Careers New Zealand provides a rapid response to the people of Christchurch exactly when they needed it. Vector Communications delivered a well managed project, involving challenging stakeholders and very tight deadlines. MSD have a unique application that copes with growth, improves services and assists 120k students returning to study.

And Datacom and New Zealand Police protect the public from the trade in stolen property and helps overcome the apathy among the public. This is proactive policing starting with children and into the wider community.

And the winner is Datacom and New Zealand Police for SNAP.

Finalists were:

Datacom New Zealand

Ministry of Social Development

Careers New Zealand

Vector Communications

TUANZ Telecommunications Journalist of the Year sponsored by 2degrees Mobile

Winner: Helen Twose

From: The New Zealand Herald

Judges' Comments:

The Judges consider that NZ readers are well served by our Telco Journalists. Helen demonstrates knowledge of the industry, the personalities of major players, plus the ability to convey this to the readers.

Finalists were:

Anthony Doesburg

Tom Pullar-Strecker

Helen Twose

TUANZ ICT Innovator of the Year Award

Winner: David Ferry

From: OpenCloud

Judges' Comments:

OpenCloud provides the Telecommunications Industry with a real time Telecom Application Server, allowing development, deployment and efficient management of person-to-person communication services.

OpenCloud provides a next generation service layer.

David Ferry has been the driver in developing these high level applications.

Finalists were:

David Ferry

Marianne Archibald (Wanganui District Council)

ilovemytelco Voted Awards

TUANZ Internet Service of the Year Award sponsored by Telecom Wholesale

Winner: SNAP Internet

TUANZ Mobile Service Provider of the Year Award sponsored by Huawei

Winner: 2degrees Mobile

TUANZ Telecommunications Carrier of the Year Award sponsored by the Telecommunications Carriers’ Forum

Winner: 2degrees Mobile

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