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The pinot noir test

It may or may not have been a coincidence that two tech industry groups, NZICT and InternetNZ, had their annual general meetings on the same evening this week. Fry Up tends to go a bit Groucho when clubs are mentioned. But if you are a member of the New Zealand IT community and are tossing up between joining NZICT or InternetNZ – here’s our nutshell evaluation:

NZICT took a leading role in a trade mission to China last year, so for ICT companies wanting to get in front of the government it clearly has sway. But it almost failed to establish a quorum at its AGM yesterday, so maybe its membership is a little disinterested.

InternetNZ is financially in clover – collecting $7.15 million in domain name registration fees last year. It draws its membership from users, industry and government employees. It pays lawyers and other experts thousands of dollars to write submissions on government policy – which are well thought out and often very influential. But InternetNZ has never quite shaken off the image of being a closed group of Wellington insiders.

Still undecided? We hear that NZICT served the better pinot noir at its AGM.

NZICT scratches to establish quorum at agm

InternetNZ collects $7.15 million in registry fees in last financial year

Incumbents re-elected to InternetNZ council

iPad 2 – so what

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (CES for the acronym crowd) in January they said it was the Year of the Tablet and so it is proving to be. Computerworld’'s sibling publication PC World has reviewed nine tablets in the last month (they are extremely productive in that desk cluster) and the one generating the most interest online is....

Motorola Xoom

Take that Steve. Mobile review: Motorola Xoom

While my iPhone gently weeps

.co bites the dust Fry Up notes the passing of .co – Telecom’s bimonthy glossy staff magazine that the company's comms people mailed out to the media because the telco is Transparent and Has Nothing To Hide. The last issue is pretty typical of what’s been in previous editions:

  • There’s an article about Mark Ratcliffe who celebrates 20 years with Telecom. According to the article he is “the man who led Telecom to victory in the recent UFB negotiations”. The magazine has sought comment from his executive assistant.
  • Paul Little, who may or may not be the former Listener and Metro editor (the mag appears to have had a healthy contributor budget, with Bill Ralston a regular) writes about the newly formed Telecom Foundation chaired by Bob Harvey. Sample quote “Telecom has to be good at what it does,” says Bob. “I trust it and I trust Paul Reynolds – I think he’s extraordinary. He is the kind of guy you would go to war for – and I’m a pacifist.”
  • An article about Telecom’s new “capital digs” by the numbers - its swish new Wellington HQ has 2 towers, 15 showers and 121 wi-fi access points. The number showing how much the building cost is absent.

The reason for .co's demise is the structural separation of Telecom. As with anything in life, something is gained, something is lost.... Telecom asset split not surprise: IDC How Telecom intends to split in two

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