Fry Up: Bags with swag

Got an infringement notice yet?

Bags with swag

Fry Up has been out and about this week and collected a load of baggage – and not the emotional kind.

It’s real bags, people. Bags with swag. We’ve been, in no particular order, to the FST 4th Annual Technology & Innovation conference, Tech.Ed (technically last week), the 2011 Contact Centre Institute Conference and the Adrian Hailwood fashion show (What was the business tech angle on fashion week again? – editorial director).

So can you judge an industry by its goodie bag?

FST 4th Annual Technology & Innovation conference: Future of Banking and Financial Services

Target attendees: bankers

A bag filled with bits of paper covered in writing that you will never read, and then later wish you had.


Target attendees: developers

Accessorised with a large water bottle to fill at the nearest water cooler so you can stay hydrated through multiple sessions on Microsoft products.

Contact Centre Institute of New Zealand

Target attendees: call centre agents

Of note are the vendors' logos stitched into the bag's fabric so they can never be removed (that’s giving sponsor value) and the little pocket with a memory stick that contains the speaker presentations (how thoughtful).

As an aside - is the backpack becoming the conference bag du jour?

Adrian Hailwood Fashion Show at Fashion Week

Target attendees: fashionistas

Vodka and knickers.

Have you received your infringement notice yet?

Don’t panic if you are among the first to be stung by the new Copyright (Infringing File-Sharing) Act which came into law on Thursday. Your ISP has to issue you with three infringement notices before prosecution can start and by the time that happens, the Labour party will be elected into government. Labour promises online copyright reform

"Help, I’ve got three notices."

That was quick! Don’t worry, help is at hand. Go to, the website created by InternetNZ to provide information for users on the new law.

"But it's a bit torrent site – is this like the methadone cure for heroin addicts?"

Ooops, wrong URL. It should be

Apparently some enterprising soul has registered and redirected it to their bit torrent site. You might think that InternetNZ, the organisation responsible for domain names, would have foreseen this possibility and purchased the .co address just in case. But, according to CEO Vikram Kumar, the organisation is relaxed about the name hijacking.

“We are aware of it but have no problems with it,” he says. “Most people are visiting the website using a link or searching. It's possible that a small number of people go to the wrong website but will very quickly know that it isn't where they intended to be and will find the right one.”

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