Broadband Kiwis spend 22 hours a week online

Local internet usage is up there with the best

New Zealand broadband users are right up there with the most internet addicted nations in the world, spending on average 22 hours a week online.

In a typical week, according to a new study commissioned by networking company Cisco, each person spends an average of 48 hours engaging in media-related activities. Australians spend slightly less.

Most of their time, 22 hours in fact, is spent on the internet compared with 14 hours watching TV. That puts Australians and New Zealanders at the same level of media consumption as respondents in the United States and the United Kingdom and ahead of the four European markets surveyed.

New Zealanders also appear to want to be connected more than Australians and to use technology to enable entertainment.

They are also downloading video in significant quantities. The study found that 59% of Australian and New Zealand internet users watched or downloaded media content from the internet in the previous 30 days.

Short video clips or music videos are the most often watched or downloaded, at 38%, followed by news programming (25%). New Zealanders are significantly more likely to have downloaded than Australians at 47% and 36% respectively.

On average consumers in Australia and New Zealand own seven devices, with almost everyone owning a mobile phone (96%), desktop PC (88%) and a digital camera (86%). New Zealanders were slightly more likely than Australians to own a mobile phone, digital camera or MP3 player, but Australians were more likely to own a PC.

The Cisco “Connected Consumer” survey was carried by out late last year by Illuminas, surveying 864 Australians and 219 New Zealanders.

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