NZ ranks second for hacking

Government domains appear to be less targeted

According to a study by internet security company TippingPoint, hack attacks in New Zealand are second only to the UK.

In the company's "Hacking in Australia and New Zealand: Cyber Hack Update 2008" report, TippingPoint found there is one hack per 730 people in New Zealand.

This puts NZ at number two out of 12 countries studied, second only to the UK, and in front of Australia.

The UK experienced one hack per 683 people; New Zealand, one hack per 730 people; Australia, one hack per 871 people; Taiwan, one hack per 1,627 people; and Singapore, one hack per 1,642 people

In terms of attacks government domains (, New Zealand is 8th in the world. New Zealand experienced 17 hacks to the domain last year — in total, one hack per 251,059 people.

Taiwan had the most government hacks followed by Australia.

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