FX Networks claims boost from WAN optimisation

Network operator claims up to 10% increase in yield

High performance internet and Ethernet services provider FX Networks claims more granular control over its international bandwidth and up to a 10% increase on the yield in its network following its adoption of WAN optimisation tools.

The Auckland-based company owns and operates a fibre optic backbone network throughout the North Island, with additional points of presence at major cities in the South Island. The North Island backbone is currently running at 40Gbit/s, with plenty of room to scale.

General manager of sales, Jamie Baddeley, says his business, an accredited KAREN provider, targets the top 200 businesses and ISPs in New Zealand, with customers including government, TVNZ, Xero and others who need “industrial strength” connectivity.

However, growing custom means that an existing Cisco router-based traffic shaping solution has reached its capacity limits and needs upgrading or replacing. The new solution needs to handle 300Mbit/s to 600 Mbit/s of load within the short term, and 1Gbit/s in the medium term, at FX Networks’ trans-Pacific internet gateway.

FX Networks looked at alternatives from Cisco and Exinda but found Packeteer offered better load capability, better integration with a customer self-service portal, integration with automatic service provisioning, fail-safe capability and traffic shaping — and, Baddeley says, Packeteer had a better track record with existing users.

Baddeley claims FX Networks has the fastest independent internet backbone in New Zealand, saying its international internet capacity has grown 100 times over the past four years.

“Our high speed national backbone means there’s no bottleneck to our international gateways. We needed hardware to keep up with that. Cisco IOS could have delivered that, but there were subtle consequential architectural changes that the Packeteer enabled that tipped the balance,” he says.

Installing the Packeteer 10000, supplied by reseller Datacraft, was “pretty seamless” with just a few minor issues converting from a “policing methodology to a shaping methodology”.

Baddeley advises firms looking to do similar to establish their decision criteria first and test solutions against these.

Now, he says the system is working well and Packeteer also offers further upgrades, which he expects will be needed in future for FX Networks operations in the US and elsewhere.

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