Vodafone to announce $50 million LLU investment

VDSL services expected to feature with speeds of up to 50Mbit/s down

Vodafone’s marketing officer Mark Rushworth will announce the company’s response to local loop unbundling next Wednesday, with a planned $50 million investment it calls the “red network”.

Vodafone, like other ISPs, plans to install equipment into Telecom exchanges to deliver faster broadband other fixed line services.

Next week's announcement will include numbers, timings and maps of the rollout.

In March Vodafone said it had already begun rolling out its own equipment in the Telecom exchanges that it could access and would launch unbundled services by mid year.

It said it was installing what it called "super" IP DSLAMs, from Huawei, into the first 15 exchanges. The DSLAMs could translate telephone calls into IP, deliver ADSL2+ broadband and also deliver VDSL2 broadband, Vodafone’s general manager of technology for fixed line, David Diprose, said. VDSL2 technology allows far greater speeds on the existing copper than ADSL. "All of our DSLAMs come standard with VDSL2 ports so we will offer VDSL2 speeds to 20% of the market at launch,” Diprose said. Speeds in the region of 50Mbit/s download and 20Mbit/s up were forecast for users within 1 km from the exchange. The remaining 80% of broadband ports are ADSL2+. These will deliver a maximum of 24Mbit/s down and 1Mbit/s up within 3 km from the exchange. Vodafone says on average customers will see 10Mbit/s down depending on the length of the copper and the fibre backhaul. "By the end of the year Vodafone will have all 42 exchanges in Auckland unbundled and a further 20 exchanges in other centres as were allowed to, giving us the biggest unbundled network in the country," Diprose said.

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