Antarctica NZ implements MS SharePoint

Compliance with the Public Records Act drives implementation

Antarctica New Zealand, the agency responsible for managing New Zealand's activities in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean, is planning to implement Microsoft's SharePoint.

The project aims to make the organisation compliant with the Public Records Act and to improve the way information is managed, both at Scott Base and the Christchurch head office.

Antarctica New Zealand is creating a SharePoint prototype to test the technology, according to tender documents. Information Leadership was appointed to develop a taxonomy for information management and the remotely hosted prototype.

The network environment between Scott Base and the Christchurch headquarters is constrained, the documents say.

"Information sharing between these offices is currently constrained by a narrow-bandwidth satellite network data-link (64-256Kbit/s)," they say.

Navision Attain is used for enterprise resource planning, with Intergen providing development services for the application. Gen-i has upgraded servers and desktops at both Antarctica NZ offices.

Key activities of Antarctica New Zealand include scientific research, protecting the Antarctic environment and raising public awareness of the significance of the continent.

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