Contact Energy rolls out smart meters in Christchurch

All residential and small business customers will have meters replaced

Contact Energy is installing smart meters in Christchurch.

“All of our residential and small business customers in Christchurch will have their current meter replaced with a smart meter,” says Contact Energy spokeswoman Anne-Marie Shepherd.

She was unable to confirm how many smart meters the project involves, however.

Customers will be sent a letter to let them know when their meter will be replaced, she says.

Using the smart meters — which will be rolled out under the SmartConnect brand — customers will receive an electricity bill based on actual usage each month, says Shepherd. There will be “no more bi-monthly estimates”, she says.

The digital smart meters read the information every half-hour. The company will also be able to access the meter information remotely.

“Once a smart meter is installed, meter readers will no longer need to visit the property to undertake a meter-reading,” she says.

Contact Energy expects the smart meters will enable the company to provide more detailed information to customers about their energy usage — and help the company resolve queries more efficiently, says Shepherd.

“We believe that this information could also put customers in a better position to save energy,” she says.

In the future, smart meters could enable customers to view their power usage online, she adds. The new-style meters could also offer opportunities to develop new products and services that are more tailored towards customer needs.

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