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In praise of the fax machine

Midday notice

It was midday yesterday New Zealand time that the news came through that Steve Jobs had died. The message on said it first, and said it best. “Steve leaves behind a company that only he could have built”.

According to those who worked for Jobs his attention to detail was microscopic, but what a legacy: Mac, iMac, iPod, iTunes, iPhone, iPad. Also the movie Toy Story.

He influenced all these people’s lives, but how many people got to influence him?

Fry Up can think of five: the band members of Steriogram, whose song Walkie Talkie Man featured on the best iPod advert eva.

Hat tip: Dub Dot Dash

Muso/techo hook up

In an interview with Menu magazine, Steriogram's Tim Youngson and Tyson Kennedy said they first got in contact with Steve Jobs by fax.

They had just signed a deal with Capitol Records in the US after making a video on iMovie and they faxed Jobs a quick note to say thanks.

“Two weeks later the phone rang and it was Steve himself saying thanks for the note and that he would keep an eye on us and help us out if he could,” Youngson told Menu.

The band then started to get mentioned by Jobs in speeches and that led to the song being in the iPod advert.

Menu meets Steriogram


Yeah, so the fax machine is responsible for one of the greatest music/tech hook ups in New Zealand’s history. Let’s try to remember this, fax-haters.

“Faxes should be banished to the land of RLL drives and the 5.25-inch floppy. Faxes have no need to exist today, yet they're still all over the place. It's maddening.”

So writes Paul Venezia in his thought-provoking piece “Opinion: It's high time to ditch the fax machine”. And some readers agreed.

NeillR writes in the comments section: “Technology for morons. Faxes are still in use because most people either have an aversion to technology, or worse still, have no concept that anything else is available. I know of one major enterprise that introduced a new purchasing order system that HAD to have a fax to scan option because the buyers didn't know how to enter purchase requests via a web interface. Personally, I would have sacked the lot of them.”


Fax me

The Fry Up offices have a fax machine. We took a photo of it yesterday morning.

It’s been more than 24 hours. No messages.

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Fry Up will take a break next week, back on Friday 21 October .

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