InternetNZ previews election debate with discussion paper

Reform of copyright law and broadcasting regulation on list of hot topics for politicians

In the lead up to an election debate on ICT, InternetNZ has today released a discussion document that calls for reform of the copyright law, convergence of broadcasting and telecommunications regulation, and the online publication of Official Information Act requests.

Internet NZ CEO Vikram Kumar says the discussion document is “about the need for a shared, common vision for where New Zealand will be in ten to 20 years time.”

The paper has been released ahead of a political debate that InternetNZ will host on Tuesday October 18 in Wellington, which will be streamed live on the internet. Participants are Steven Joyce (National), Clare Curran (Labour), Gareth Hughes (Green) and Peter McCaffrey (ACT). A Maori Party representative has yet to be confirmed.

Among the issues raised in the document in preparation for the debate are:

  • How to develop and attract high-end talent.
  • Setting up a public-private Centre for Broadband Innovation to maximise the Ultra Fast Broadband roll out.
  • Legislative framework to prevent expansion of the current scope of the Digital Child Exploitation Filtering System.
  • Reform of copyright law.
  • Ensure the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement doesn’t “trade off intellectual property restrictions to buy agricultural market access”.
  • A government study on promoting teleworking.
  • Convergence of broadcasting and telecommunications regulation – look to best practice overseas.
  • All Official Information Act requests, responses and material that are released should be published online.
  • Government support for building a “world-class green data centre”.

The full paper can be read here.

The InternetNZ debate will be live streamed from 7pm – 9pm with MC Sean Plunket, with journalists, including Sunday Star Times business editor Rob O’Neill and Computerworld editor Sarah Putt on hand to put forward questions posted on Twitter using the hashtag #Net11.

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