Azure tops survey of cloud service providers

Compuware-sponsored survey shows Windows platform out in front

Microsoft Windows Azure (Chicago datacentre) has topped the list of 25 cloud service providers ranked over one year’s global performance. Google Apps ranked second.

The results were compiled by Compuware and are published on CloudSleuth, sponsored by Compuware.

Using Compuware’s Global Provider View application, more than 500,000 tests were performed over the past 12 months on the average global response times of the world’s top cloud service providers, measuring their global service quality from the end user’s perspective.

“Basically, we have measured the performance of all major cloud providers globally, millions of measurements,” says Compuware New Zealand country manager Janne Halonen. “We’re provided detailed information and analytics of their performance.

“Most government organisations are evaluating cloud as a delivery vehicle, for both internal and external applications, so this has proven very relevant.”

Compuware notes that one of the biggest inhibitors to the widespread use of cloud-based applications is user frustration over poor application performance. “Studies have shown that users become increasingly impatient - when page loads times approach six seconds, the page abandonment rate approaches 33 percent.

“High abandonment rates directly impact revenue and return on investment, so the ability to effectively manage application performance should be a key component of every organisation’s cloud monitoring strategy.

“We know that distance, routing and peering play an important role in determining website performance, and it is clear that some providers, such as Microsoft Azure-Chicago, have effectively mastered the combination. “Organisations need to understand what levels of performance — speed and availability — are needed from their cloud-based applications in order to deliver fast, reliable and highly satisfying end-user experiences. Simply using hardware availability SLAs to manage service providers isn’t effective from an end-user perspective. “Organisations need to measure the true experiences of their most important end-user segments, including those that are far away, to ensure their cloud service provider can deliver fast and reliable experiences in key regions.” The Global Provider View uses the Compuware Gomez Performance Network (GPN) to run end-user performance tests – measuring response time and availability – against a standard reference application that is hosted by the cloud service providers listed in the rankings. GoGrid ranked third, OpSource fourth and Rackspace fifth.

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