Chch start-up installs software in 15 countries

Timefiler is global from the get-go

Christchurch start-up Enfinit has got up and running in a way many start-ups can only dream of. The company’s product, a web-based time-sheet management application, has already been implemented by TNS Asia Pacific, a global market research organisation, and has been used by TNS’s 2,500 users across the region since 2006.

Now, Enfinit, based in the Canterbury Innovation Incubator, has released the software as a commercial product.

The tool, TimeFiler, was actually built for TNS from the beginning, says Enfinit chief executive Ian Johnson.

Toni Brown, the company’s development manager, got in contact with TNS in 2005, formed the company and started development of the software-as-a-service time-sheet management tool. By mid-2006, TNS users across 15 Asia-Pacific countries were using TimeFiler to submit their weekly time-sheets online, says Johnson.

The entire implementation, in the 15 different locations, was conducted online. “We didn’t leave New Zealand,” says Johnson.

He says even though this was a new application — and even though the majority of the users don’t speak English as their first language — the implementation went smoothly because the system is designed to be both easy to use and easy to deploy.

TNS North Asia’s finance director, Michael George, says TimeFiler is one of the tools the company uses that allows TNS Asia Pacific to operate more profitably. It means the company can capture, and analyse, employee time-sheet data in a common system across the region, says George.

“We are using TimeFiler now to drill down and study the data in more detail, to find further areas for improvement. Time-sheeting is just the tip of the iceberg,” he says.

The tool features automated data entry, payroll integration, customisable rules and layouts, real-time reporting, and email alerts, says Johnson. One of the key features is that it checks data entry as it is typed in — before you hit the submit button, he says.

The tool is also being used by Solid Energy and New Zealand’s Aviation Security.

TimeFiler replaced over 800 paper time-sheets across AvSec’s payroll system in 2007.

“We have no more high-pressure deadlines to be met during pay week since we can spread the workload throughout the fortnight; no more payroll data entry, and no more paper waste,” says AvSec’s payroll manager Neil Gardner.

Gardner says the system is extremely user-friendly. “Furthermore, we have access to professional support from the developers themselves should we ever need it,” he says.

Clients pay a monthly fee according to the number of employees using TimeFiler, with no up-front licence fee or long-term contract fee, says Johnson.

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