Vodafone leads web performance improvement on TrueNet tests

Telecom's performance steadily worse over three successive tests

Most leading New Zealand ISPs appear to be improving their performance over time, with Vodafone having made the most striking advance in website display response time over three sets of measurements taken in August, September and October by independent performance monitor TrueNet.

Vodafone was last of a group of eight providers in August, showing an average 2.5 seconds to display TrueNet’s test web-page. By September this rate was already improving. The figure for October was around 0.6 seconds.

TelstraClear’s cable service is still well in the lead at less than 0.2 seconds in the October figures. That set of tests for the first time had sufficient volunteer testers to report on TelstraClear DSL. The DSL result is well down the list at seventh out of the nine services now being measured.

Most ISPs have made a palpable improvement over the three successive tests, the notable exception being Telecom, whose performance, while good in comparison to most of its rivals, has become steadily worse over time, according to TrueNet’s figures. Slingshot shows inconsistent performance, taking around 0.5 seconds to display the test page in August and October, but topping one second in September’s trial.

TUANZ chief executive Paul Brislen says the results are fascinating, given the way ISPs position themselves in the market.

“We're used to seeing ISPs fight it out purely on price terms, with customers forced to assume that all ISPs are alike. Instead, we're seeing clear differentiation in terms of the service being offered,” he says.

TrueNet’s detailed results can be viewed here.

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