E-tales: Christchurch’s broadband diet

Get with the broadband programme, says Japanese telecomms entrepreneur

Christchurch’s broadband diet

Japanese telecomms entrepreneur Dr Sachio Semmoto has a holiday home in Christchurch’s Cashmere Hills, but when sojourning there he has to go on a severe broadband diet as he gets only a 100Kbit/s narrowband service. This compares rather badly with the up to 100Mbit/s service he enjoys in Japan.

So, it seems that in Japan they can enjoy the Kiwi-made movies they love like Lord of the Rings but in the place where they were actually made it’s not possible to do this on-demand.

Semmoto thinks we should get with the broadband programme a bit more seriously.

‘Life — don’t talk to me about Life’

Aussies are a restless lot, even when relaxing. The National Australia Bank’s NAB Life site certainly indicates this (www.nab.com.au/Life).

A sort of static mini-movie, it features various types — as could only be envisioned by a bank — endlessly moving from foot to foot or fiddling with a bag strap.

Then there’s the running dog of capitalism (oops!). How about a prize for clicking on it a certain number of times in under a minute?

But perhaps NAB means us to move on from the home page.

Weblebrity: turning people into brands

Pop artist Andy Warhol introduced the idea of the media bestowing 15 minutes of fame on everyone, but the question is how do you really know you’re famous?

Well, a clever piece on David Armano’s Logic+Emotion site tries to nail it down for all wannabe “weblebrities” as he dubs them.

Signs you’ve made it include having your own signature T-shirt; people buying you drinks at internet parties; thinking you’re a brand, rather than a mere person… and the real clincher E-tales thinks: “Your internet friends treat you like a star while your real friends tell you to go **** yourself”.

Ah well, the sage is rarely acknowledged in his or her own home. For more, check out Logic+Emotion.

Mccainh8r nailed

Why is it there are so many dumb comments online? Esquire magazine thinks it’s got babygrl212 and mccainh8r nailed. It asked Paul Levinson, a Fordham University professor of communications, and stand-up comic Mike Birbiglia what the problem is.

The prof said the trouble was the internet is such an easy place for those who are rather cowardly in real life to express their frustrations, and it is also quite addictive because it also makes people feel authoritative.

Birbiglia just reckons the comments section is a great place for morons to show how illiterate they are — as in “they don’t know the difference between ‘their’, ‘there’ and ‘they’re’.”

Beware Segway geeks on road

E-tales is conflicted about Segways: they look fun, but elegant they are not.

Anyway, British geeksters have gotten serious about the stand-up scooters and are lobbying Parliament to let them use cycleways, and help break the nation’s traffic gridlock.

E-tales reckons they could be a winner for short trips, providing they get some lights and brakes.

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