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Happy binary day

Generally Fry Up is of the opinion that a fast game’s a good game. Or, to quote General Geoge S Patton (and wouldn’t he have made a great Telecom CEO, by the way?): “I would rather have a good plan today than a perfect plan two weeks from now.”

But this upcoming 700MHz spectrum allocation business, in which a valuable resource will get divvied up and sold to the highest bidder - maybe the government should wait for more countries to make a decision on how they plan to allocate their spectrum before going ahead with a New Zealand auction?

(For non-spectrum junkies, the 700MHz spectrum comes available in 2013 with the switchover from analogue to digital television. All around the world this spectrum is being made availabe to mobile telcos and it is valuable because it enables the next generation of mobile technology.)

InternetNZ thinks the government should wait. They’ve publicly released their cross-submission on the submissions submitted following an industry consultation on a government discussion paper. Now, there may be some who read the previous sentence and think there’s quite enough burearcratic paper-shuffling going on already without a Call to Wait.

But, the InternetNZ cross-submission points out that the current timeframe has Cabinet making initial allocation decisions in April next year – before international decisions are likely to have been made. In other words, there is a risk we could go with a plan that isn’t adopted in larger markets.

We are not China. We cannot afford take the path less trodden when it comes to mobile technology. Although it’s worth noting that we have the same amount of spectrum available as China, US and India have. Gotta be some advantages to being far away.

Cross-submission on MED allocation of digital dividend spectrum

Don’t check for cross-submissions

If the cross-submissions sound like they'd make for good Saturday afternoon reading on the sofa, then unfortunately you’re out of luck. The Ministry of Economic Development won’t be posting cross-submissions to the website until the middle of next week.

Also, the MED is planning an IT upgrade to the Radio Spectrum Management site and it will be offline from Saturday 4pm to Sunday 9am. At least that’s the plan – the last upgrade led to an outage that lasted four days. Probably best not to schedule the sofa date with the cross-subs for next weekend either.

MED schedules outage to upgrade websites

Musical interlude

Over 40 memes in one song!

Back to spectrum

The MED informs us there are around a dozen cross-submissions on the 700MHz spectrum discussion paper. They will require analysis, and the in-coming ICT Minister will have be briefed, before next steps decided.

“I doubt there will be any substantive news from us on the topic until at least February,” the MED writes in an email.

February? That’s a long time for a spectrum-junkie to wait for news. To pass the time we’ll be reading up on Richard Nixon’s filthy secrets.

Happy binary day

11.11.11 has a decimal value of 63.

UPDATED - Vodafone customer shops at Telecom store

Ami Yang was front of the line in Telecom's central Auckland store at midnight and became one of the first New Zealanders to purchase the iPhone 4S today. According to a report in the NZ Herald she got to the store at 8.30am on Thursday and waited almost 15 hours to buy the phone off Dan Carter.

But she does not appear to have read the PR script. Not only did she not know Carter's name, she also had no intention of becoming a Telecom customer. SiobhankeoghNZ tweeted: “The woman first in line at Telecom was buying her handset outright and staying with Vodafone. Awkward!”

Keogh is a journalist at PC World. They got a iPhone 4S to review. They’ve put up an “unboxing” on their Facebook site. What show-offs.

iPhone 4S launch pics and unboxing

UPDATE 4.45pm: Have been advised via Twitter that Telecom managed to persuade Ami to switch to their network. They made her an offer she couldn't refuse?

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