Terralink launches nationwide location tool

Product uses mapping and location data Terralink provides to emergency services

Wellington geospatial firm Terralink International has launched a location intelligence tool that managing director Mike Donald says is the first nationwide location tool of such calibre that can be made readily available to organisations that don’t have their own geographic information system.

“eMap is offered as a software as a service solution and was developed to remove the handbrake on business productivity by providing location intelligence on demand, which businesses and organisations can use straight away,” he says. “It can enable decisions about everything from where to target customer growth to where to allocate case worker territories.

“If you look around, almost everyone now has a smartphone which makes use of location intelligence. Business is only just starting to tap into this technology and its potential.”

eMap is customisable. It is based on national land and property datasets, is scalable and is easy to get up and running, he says.

“Real business intelligence comes from combining your information with ours. With eMap, you’ll be able to upload the location of your assets and customers, as well as the location of your competitors, and create sales territories, or even measure distances and calculate land area.

“Traditional GIS systems are expensive to set up and maintain. eMap takes both the expense and the complexity out of the equation.”

The product uses the national emergency services mapping and location data that Terralink provides to New Zealand’s emergency services.

Donald says Terralink spent “seven figures” developing eMap.

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