A matter of timing

Resetting server clocks

A matter of timing

When pilot fish's organisation installed new firewalls, the NTP protocol was blocked and fish didn't realise it until a user informed fish that he was having a problem keeping the correct time set on his computer. (Fish ran a server side script that updates the time of the computer with a server that updates its time from a NTP server). So fish fixes the problem and everyone's computer time is now correct. However, fish didn't tell everyone it was fixed. An employee found out that fish fixed the time and complains that fish made him five minutes late to a meeting, because he counted on the fact that his computer clock was off by five minutes.

Just a coincidence

My company's accounts receivable history was getting too big to manage, pilto fish reports, "so I had to archive two years' history. The next day, our A/R manager comes to me in a panic. He was checking history on one of our biggest customers. Only one page of data was showing up. Remembering that I did an archive the pervious day, I thought instantly that perhaps I archived too much data, and went to his desk to check out what he was telling me, only to find that he had inadvertently put the scroll lock on, never thinking to check it."

Safety first Pilot fish is in desktop support for an organisation with about 400 users. It is quite common to be paged with what is considered an emergency, he recalls. "Last week I was being paged and was pulled off another problem to respond. It was the local Director of H/R and Safety, frantically requesting assistance. He had a program from the parent company he had loaded on his machine and it needed to be added to several more PCs as soon as possible, but it simply wouldn't work. After walking from one end of our facility to the other to respond, he informed me that the program was on a CD. I asked that he show me the machine he was working on and the media, which he did without hesitation or discussion for a change. I popped the CD out thinking a quick reload might just solve the problem. Once out, I noticed that the CD was cracked in half and I suggested that was his problem. He was quick to point out that it was not like that before and could not explain how it may have happened. I thought to myself, 'how very safe we all are at this facility'!"

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