Gen-i and FX Networks both launch back-up services

UPDATE: Clear differences between Gen-i and FX Networks products, says Gen-i

The Christchurch earthquakes were a stark reminder of the need for adequate back-up.

In broader terms, a confluence of factors - greater storage demands, the need for faster data recovery, and the availability of cloud-based back-up services - is spurring action.

In the past few weeks, Gen-i and FX Networks have launched new back-up services and online services.

Gen-i’s offering is called ReadyCloud Back-up, a private cloud back-up and restoraton service, which is part of its suite of ReadyCloud Services.

Leanne Buer, head of networked ICT products, says research shows that 30 percent of IT costs are associated with back-up, and up to 20 percent of on-premise restores from back-ups fail.

“Business data is constantly at risk of corruption from security threats such as viruses and of physical loss as a result of natural disasters or human error.

“With ReadyCloud Back-up, clients have access to a true end-to-end back-up and restore service that integrates security, monitoring and management with core back-up and restore capability, all from a single provider.”

She says ReadyCloud Back-up is delivered as a flexible, scalable pay-for-use service model, with charges beginning at $1.70 per GB, excluding GST.

The service is targeted at larger organisations, with a minimum requirement of around 500GB. It’s available only for New Zealand clients at this stage.

Buer says pricing is based on world research.

FX Networks has introduced what it terms its Cloud Data Container, based on EMC Atmos technology.

“We have the system installed in two locations in New Zealand,” says marketing manager John van Dinther. “They are 450km apart and all data is stored on both systems for only 60 cents GB per month. We feel that is competitive given New Zealand’s smaller scale.

“Many clients coming on to the system already have software that supports Atmos. For example, if a customer has CommVault, they can archive and back-up to Atmos straight away. Many EMC customers can also just plug and play.”

Atmos is designed to be accessed over the web and to be multi-tenanted. Each tenant’s data is stored and managed as objects according to policies for access, security and replication.

van Dinther says most clients already have the software to access the service. That appears to largely explain the difference in pricing to Gen-i’s service, which includes the software.

UPDATE: November 22

Following the original publication of this article Buer has asked for a clarification between services offered by Gen-i and FX Networks. Buer points out that these are not the same services (see comment below) and that it is not correct to directly compare prices of the two services. “Online backup service price ($1.70 per GB per month) is contrasted with FX Network’s online storage service. Our pricing compares favourably to other online backup solutions in the market and includes all the additional online backup capabilities described above ie software client, encrypting data, automated backup and restore process, reporting, monitoring, end to end management,” Beur notes.

“We also offer an online storage option as part of our ReadyCloud Server service. This storage service is priced from 0.66c per GB (highest grade), down to 0.23c for SATA (lowest grade).

“Finally, your article states that ReadyCloud Backup has “a minimum requirement of around 500 GB”. Just to clarify, there is no minimum requirement. However, we have noticed that our average client is backing up around 500 GB each month”.

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