Computerworld celebrates 25 years

First edition published in November 1986

This month Computerworld marks 25 years as a publication in New Zealand.

The front page of the first edition of Computerworld New Zealand is laminated and pinned to an editorial notice board in the Auckland office. The lead article is about a “software piracy war” being waged by Microsoft distributors Brimaur Corporation. Beneath it is an article about firms waiting up to ten months for the Post Office to install their phone line and there’s a teaser story about a “momentous announcement” from Postmaster-General Jonathan Hunt in which it’s suggested the Post Office is about to be split three ways.

It’s is a good reminder that things take longer to resolve than you might think - even in an area as dynamic as technology. Proprietary software and the government’s policy on telecommunications are still hot topics for technology journalists today.

In the past two and half decades there have been plenty of “momentous announcements” in ICT, both in New Zealand and overseas, and this week online we will chart the changes in technology since Computerworld launched in 1986, starting with a piece by Stephen Bell, whose byline appears on the first edition.

We will also look ahead 25 years and consider what technology, and the ICT industry itself, might look like in 2036.

Finally, there have been some staff changes at Computerworld. David Watson, who was formerly deputy editor, has moved to a new role in Fairfax. We thank him for his loyalty, integrity and dedication to the publication and wish him all the best.

Joining the team are Michael Foreman (left), who is the new senior journalist, working for Computerworld as well as sister publications CIO and Reseller News, and Sim Ahmed, the Auckland journalist for both Computerworld and CIO.

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