Podcaster returns under jailbreak

App store reject now distributed via open-source installer

Podcaster, an application rejected from the App Store that allows users to stream and download podcasts directly to an iPhone or iPod touch, is now being distributed via Cydia, the open-source installer used to place applications on jailbroken iPhones and iPod touches.

This follows the developer's distribution of Podcaster using an ad-hoc certificate — a method that allows you to install applications to a specific device but that is not supported by Apple for commercial sale of applications. Not long after Podcaster's developer began distributing the application this way, Apple revoked its certificate, halting sales.

In order to continue distribution, the developer turned to jailbreak, the method for gaining access to the iPhone and first-generation iPod touch so that you can access its operating system and copy data to and from it. (Jailbreaking the 2G iPod touch isn't currently supported.)

In order to jailbreak your device users need a tool such as the iPhone Dev Team's QuickPwn and PwnageTool. During the jailbreak process, the Cydia installer is placed on the device.

If users have already obtained a copy of Podcaster by paying US$10 (NZ$15.70), they can download the update from the developer's site by entering the email address used when originally purchasing podcaster. They'll then be taken to a page that includes a download link that delivers the current 1.1.2 version of the program plus a new ad-hoc certificate.

After dragging both Podcaster and the certificate to the Library entry in iTunes' Source list, old copies of the application and certificate will be replaced. Synching the iPhone or iPod touch updates the application.

If users are new to Podcaster, they can get it through Cydia. To do so, they must jailbreak their device, launch Cydia, tap Sections, and then tap the Multimedia directory where they'll find the application listed on the P heading.

Once launched users can use Podcaster as a free trial for 14-days. If they wish to continue after that,, they must pay US$5 for the application, which you can purchase via the Next Day Off (nextdayoff.com) site. Registration allows use of Podcaster on up to three devices.

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