Free business hub website debuts

Site aims to boost web traffic to local businesses

An online business community site, Made from New Zealand, has been launched aiming to improve Google search results for small to medium businesses.

Companies can sign up for free. These businesses will have a profile written for them linking back to their own websites, says Made from New Zealand entrepreneur Tim Norton.

“We’re really focused on making a simple website that is optimised for Google. Over half of [New Zealand] websites don’t get found at all. We want to convert that very simple traffic into qualified leads and than sales.”

Made from New Zealand, which is backed by Telecom, already has more than 100 companies registered. But the company has set an ambitious target to have 10,000 companies signed up by Christmas.

Norton says this will be achieved by viral marketing and working with international network organisations such as Kea.

“If you’re an IT network organisation we can put companies on your radar immediately. We also have a paid advertising campaign running so we think we can build the network.”

For revenue, Norton says, the site will offer a premium model in the future.

“We just want to get as many New Zealand companies on there as possible. Once we build up some key metrics which is the traffic profile than we have a value proposition.

If you’re looking at where your business is positioned internationally and what people are searching for we’ll be able to offer businesses that are leveraging the website a paid service.”

The website has received financial backing from Telecom.

Head of Business Marketing, Victoria Crone, says Telecom is investing in the website because it is passionate about the small business market.

“When you talk to a lot of small businesses out there, there isn’t one company who is constantly championing them on a day to day basis.”

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