Water woes

Hairdryer used to recover from keyboard spill

Water woes "I had a user", pilot fish recalls, who "out of haste and the urgent need to get back to work, used her hair dryer to dry up some water she spilled on her keyboard. "Not only were a few keys were melted, but the ribbon connector beneath the keypad was also damaged. Luckily, a new replacement keyboard was able to resolve the issue. "However, it took me about two hours to assess the damage and do the replacement".

More water woes "I get a call from the manager of one of the departments on the first floor of our building", pilot fish recalls. "The manager says that her monitor has stopped working and doesn’t know why. I show up at her office and start troubleshooting the monitor. The power cable is plugged into the back of the monitor and is plugged into a live outlet on the surge strip, and the surge strip is turned on. The computer is turned on and I see that it is functioning properly.

"So while I was sitting there staring at the monitor trying to figure out what the problem could be, I look up at the shelf above the monitor. There was a little bit of a water stain there, so I stood up to get a better look. On the top shelf there was a rust ring and it was a little wet. When I looked down I saw the same rust signs on the top of the monitor and it was wet too. Looking around the office I spotted the plant that the manager had recently moved from the shelf above her monitor.

Apparently every time the plant was watered, the water ran over the side and ended up running down through the top of the monitor. I told the manager that the monitor died due to over-watering and replaced it with one of our older monitors.

It's email or nothing "I have several remote users that will email me for help", pilot fish says. "Since most use laptops, I will usually respond with an email, telling them to plug in with a network cable at one of our facilities, and to PHONE me when they are hooked up, so I can remotely control their computer and fix their problem." Almost invariably, they will respond with an email that says, "okay, I'm hooked up." A colleague of pilot fish suggests that people are inclined to continue communicating in the medium in which a communication was begun. So in this case, it means they'll email, even though a phone call is a more effective means of communication, being real-time.

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