McDonald's NZ not following Australia with wi-fi service

New Zealand two years behind Australia in 're-imaging' programme

McDonald’s restaurants in New Zealand has no immediate plans to duplicate the Australian company’s moves to introduce “family friendly” wi-fi.

The Australian McDonald’s has 720 restaurants serving 1.45 million customers daily. Its wi-fi plans will include the ability to block pornography and sites that offer information on such things as hacking and making a bomb.

A spokeswoman for McDonald’s New Zealand says the company doesn’t yet have the capability in New Zealand.

“It’s all to do with the re-image programme. Australia is three years into it and we only began last year,” she says. “However, as we progress, it is something we will look at.”

80% of McDonald’s operations in New Zealand are franchises. The spokeswoman says individual franchisers are free to offer such services.

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