TrueNet measures impact of TelstraClear's no data limit weekend

Cable customers experienced 64 percent reduction on speeds Updated: 4:00pm

Independent network monitoring company TrueNet says TelstraClear’s broadband customers were impacted when the telco lifted data caps for 48-hours last weekend.

“The impact was clearly evident. TelstraClear national speeds reduced by almost 40 percent for ADSL customers and 64 percent for cable customers, but overall customers remained able to surf the net and access most services,” TrueNet executive director John Butt says.

As reported in PC World, customers took to Twitter to complain about the promotion which many claimed left them with slow internet services. But head of TelstraClear's consumer department Steve Jackson said yesterday the network performed "to its usual high standard" and only access to international websites was affected.

Butt says TelstraClear cable speeds dropped to being on par with DSL because the speed was reduced to the available capacity. TelstraClear’s unbundled DSL services may have “escaped unscathed” with TrueNet’s testing showing minimal impact for these customers.

Overloading issues occurred on Saturday, says Butt, but by Sunday the telco had “largely resolved the problem”. In addition "download times for internationally-hosted webpages were affected, but overall the service continued to operate".

Butt concludes that TelstraClear “performed quite well considering the volumes of traffic being sent and received.”

TelstraClear says around 200,000 customers took part in its no data limit promotion last weekend. The company has no plans to provide customers with compensation.

Update: TelstraClear responds to "broadband weekend speculation"

TelstraClear says its unmetered broadband weekend "can be counted a success" after customers took advantage of a temporary removal of data caps "in a frenzy of up and downloading".

“We expected customers to take advantage of this opportunity and were upfront from the start," Steve Jackson, TelstraClear head of consumer markets, said in a statement.

"We said ‘With lots of people online for longer, some customers could experience slower than normal connection speeds.’”

Jackson said TelstraClear had made substantial increases in its national and international capacity before the weekend, and put further capacity in place when the demand exceeded this.

"We acknowledge that some customers were unhappy with their internet experience, just as we note that many have reported they didn’t mind slower speeds because they were able to use far more data than they otherwise would, some reporting downloading more in the weekend than their entire monthly cap of 30GB," he said.

The telco says its customers used two and a half times more data overall than the previous weekend. Total usage was 359TB, 216TB more than the weekend before.

The greatest increase in data use was by customers on TelstraClear's cable network, with total data used being three times more than the previous weekend, jumping from 76TB to 232TB, according to TelstraClear.

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